ARNA web-site

Business Goals

ARNA is a professional translation and localization company. We provide high-quality and cost-effective translation services to various local and global companies expanding their business into other countries. The company has established a number of partnerships with worldwide localization companies and constantly challenges new perspectives. Our team is continually expanding the sphere of providing services and diversifying the fields of expertise and therefore we are ready to meet the highest client requirements.


Behind our corporative philosophy was the challenging idea of organizing the companys activity so as to guarantee the absence of any weak links in the company's operations. The project management and working activities were meant to be irreproachable and well-planned. Longing for the highest quality output we tried to integrate the best linguistic and computer skills with an advanced in-house administration model.


The strategy of our company is defined by the following basic goals:
  • to provide perfectly smooth and consistent translation, which accurately and unambiguously reflects the original text;
  • to ensure the highest quality of every stage of a product localization (pre-translation, working with fuzzy matches and TM, translation, proofreading, editing, delivering, and reviewing);
  • to follow the schedule and strictly observe the deadline;
  • to comply with every customer's requirements and accomplish all client's requests.

  • Team

    ARNA team comprises of professional in-house translators (Russian is the native language), proofreaders, engineers, managers. Its professionally qualified members have all necessary skills and a wealth of experience in the fields of translation, proofreading, editing and DTP. Our specialists have an in-depth knowledge of various operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Macintosh OS, etc.), utilities, industry-leading translation systems, development environments and localization models. All the operations are facilitated by the general atmosphere of friendship and united efforts. The established relationship and employees' attitude ensure that all the operations are carried out quickly and all important issues are solved ASAP. It resulted in better project management, reduced downtime and eliminated misunderstanding. Exact grasp of duties and responsibilities helped each team member concentrate on his or her work. This increased the overall productivity and quality of translation.

    Partners and Customers

    Our partners and customers list includes different leading software, hardware, telecommunication, automobile, machinery, electrical manufacturers and many other producing companies which are well-known all over the world. We also work in close co-operation with some leading localization and translation agencies and these relations are proved to be long-term and mutually beneficial.