About ARNA


ARNA was established in 2004 by a group of partners who had an in-depth experience in the sphere of localization. The idea of introducing a new company was determined by the rapid development of the modern world economy and great boom in the IT technology markets, which required a new sophisticated approach to the globalization of various products. That specific economy growth and integration processes made it crucial to offer the end user products which are fully localized and adapted for local markets.

Working groups and project management

ARNA always make all necessary efforts to ensure the quality and meet the customer's deadline. In order to guarantee quality services we organize special teams of skilled and professional translators, reviewers and DTP specialists for individual projects leading with skilful project managers which have vast experience in their fields of activity.

Quality Management

We ensure the consistency and quality of all the translations we provide. This is achieved through an accurate, faultless and well-planned project management and sophisticated quality assurance procedures. The translators always have all the needful tools and information on the project, and they always work in one environment which guarantees terms consistency. Multi-stage proofreading and editing of the localized content ensures proper style and error-free text.

Workflow and Turnaround Integrity

Our company is always ready to comply with any client's requirements. The flexible project management enables us to offer an individual approach to each customer. Our team is committed to following the schedule and strictly observing the deadline of the project. Our managers are able to momentarily respond to the client's request, confirm a project and immediately pass it on to a group of translators. Upon completion of the translation all the necessary QA and other procedures (review, proofreading, DTP, etc.) are instantly accomplished. It's our credo to deliver the end results exactly according to schedule.


The team uses CAT Tools as a main standard translation tool. We also work with the following applications (this is not a complete list):
- SDL Trados 2007
- SDLX 2007
- Passolo 2007
- Alchemy Catalyst
- etc.
The integrity of translation work-flow is achieved through applying translation memory tools which ensure consistency of style and terminology. It helps us to decrease translation strain and reduce the cost of the translation of the new versions of the same product or its updates. All the terms and phrases are stored in a separate database which supports fast updating and shared access. The TMs for individual projects can be safely stored for a certain periods of time upon the customer's request.