The company offers the full spectrum of conventional and custom services including:
    Full localization. Each localization project is supervised by an individual manager who is in charge of all the translation, review, proofreading and other operations. The integrity of workflow is ensured by close co-operation of all team members. The team always works with translation memory which can be updated and delivered to the customer upon request.
    Review services (editing, proofreading, after DTP review, etc.). ARNA renders all kinds of Russian text review services, including thorough style editing, accurate proofreading, and after DTP checks, etc. During the review procedures the linguistic experts carefully compare the translated text against the original in order to ensure the terminology and style consistency. Our reviewers and translators perform extra checks of the overall quality of the projects after localization, reviewing and implementation of changes. At this stage the output product is finalized and it gets "ready to publish" status.
    Quality check and QAs. ARNA renders the quality assurance services. Upon request our specialists can perform the necessary checks of the translated text quality according the international industry standards, complete and provide the corresponding feedback form.
    Cultural text evaluation. The specialists of the company possess all the necessary skills and needful background knowledge to provide high-quality linguistic assessments of various questionnaires, marketing materials, business-plans, etc. We can check how natural the text sounds for the native speakers and if necessary make appropriate corrections, bringing it up to Russian language standards.
    Aligning. The team has an wide experience of aligning source and target language texts and creating translation memories which improve the efficiency of translation.
    Desktop publishing and page layout. In order to meet all customer requirements our DTP specialists offer professional DTP and page layout services of different degrees of complexity using special state-of-the-art DTP systems. Thus in addition to the translation, editing and proofreading a client can order a DTP of any document, manual, booklet, etc. and we will deliver the ready-to-print materials with perfect layout.


Our translation languages:
  • English
  • German
  • Italian
  • French

  • Specialization and the fields of expertise

    Our professionals have a full expertise and all necessary translation skills in the following fields.
  • Software Localization (programs, drivers, utilities, network products, games, etc.)
  • Hardware Localization (computers, semiconductors, circuit boards, electronic appliances, etc.)
  • Technical Translation (IT technologies, telecommunications, automobile and machinery, electrical and chemical engineering, architecture, consumer electronics and household appliances, printing, food, etc.)
  • Legal Document Translations (warranties, contracts, letters of attorney, business proposals, etc.)
  • Marketing and promotion materials (presentations, web-sites, corporative catalogues and brochures, tourist booklets and travel guides, etc.)
  • Economics Texts (economy and business management)
  • Please note that the above list is by no means complete and constantly updated and expanded so please ask for any additional information if any questions arise.


    Our company offers an individual approach to each customer and project. Depending on work volume, schedule, the complexity of the project materials and customer's budget our rates are subject to negotiation. We always do our best to reduce the costs for customers in order to ensure that they have the best quote without compromising the quality and the deadlines.

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